Christmas Fireplace Decorations & Christmas Mantle Decorating Ideas

What’s cozier than curling up to your fireplace this cold Christmas season? It’s the perfect spot to relax, so why not make it a show-stopper too with some Christmas fireplace decorations? If you’re thinking of changing things up, we have some Christmas mantle decorating ideas to get you inspired, no matter what style makes you feel the most festive.   Rustic Decor  […]

How to Turn on Your Gas Fireplace

  Many people turn off their gas fireplaces in the summer months to conserve natural gas or propane but often need a reminder on how to light the pilot light in the fall. First, locate the fireplace controls, they are located usually behind a louver or panel at the bottom of the fireplace. Next, locate […]

Cozy Fireplace Activities for Families in Fall

Fall is the perfect time to gather the whole family for some cozy fireplace activities. There’s something about relaxing next to the comfort of flickering flames that makes fall traditions more enjoyable.   In fact, there is science behind this feeling. Research1 has demonstrated that when we sit around a fireplace, our blood pressure drops. It increases our mood and relaxation. We […]

Gas Fireplace Cleaning and Maintenance Tips  

Gas fireplaces need to be maintained regularly, at least once a year. Like wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces collect dirt and debris that can cause it to burn ineffectively, house unwanted pests, or even develop hazardous leaks.  There are many different types of gas fireplaces that can be cleaned in different ways. To help you out, here are some […]

What You Should Know Before You Change Your Wood Fireplace to Gas

Is it time for you to change your wood fireplace to a gas fireplace? Gas fireplaces, generally, require less maintenance than wood fireplaces. Plus, they offer several other advantages such as being less expensive to maintain and being easier to control overall.    But what’s the cost of making the switch and is it worth it in the end? Learn […]

Modern Fireplace Accessories

There are a few accessories you need in order to use and maintain your fireplace. Just because they’re necessary, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Modern fireplace accessories are both functional and stylish.    You can get so much more out of your accessories these days. Here are just a few examples.   Log Holders    You need something to hold fire logs, but you […]

Fireplace Accent Wall Ideas: Black Accent Wall

This year, black accent walls with fireplaces are perfectly on-trend. Black is a rarely used wall colour, which is why it works great as an accent wall.   But why add the fireplace? And what if black isn’t exactly your colour? We’ll discuss the importance of having an accent wall, ideas for fireplace accent walls and what they can both bring to […]

What is WETT Certified for Fireplaces?

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. The WETT Inc. organization is non-profit and provides education and training about all kinds of wood-burning products, including fireplaces.   WETT certified inspections are required by many home insurance companies, in particular, when there is a wood stove or fireplace on the property. Inspectors check to see if the wood-burning product is […]

Why Chimney Sweep?

While chimney sweeping has a long tradition, modern technology has made it a lot safer and more comfortable than it used to be.    For many people who have been using their traditional fireplaces consistently throughout the winter, now is the perfect time to start thinking about booking a chimney sweeping. But why is it so important to […]

Reasons Gas Fireplaces Are Incredible

You’ve got a wood fireplace in your home. And while you like the ambiance at atmosphere which come burning wood logs, there are some drawbacks too: Periodic chimney sweeping Soot and ash accumulation Having to purchase and store firewood on a continual basis On one hand, you still want to enjoy a cozy fire whenever […]