Important Terms To Know When Looking For A Fireplace

We’ve all been there, trying to look into something but the terms and lingo sound like a foreign language. We end up leaving more confused than where we started. But purchasing a fireplace doesn’t have to be so complicated. We’re here to give you the most important fireplace terms to eliminate any confusion and make […]

Chimney Sweeping for Wood Burning Fireplaces

One of the most vital aspects of owning a wood-burning fireplace is ensuring the chimney is kept clean. Chimney sweeping is the only way to do this, and luckily, Stamford Fireplaces offers this crucial service year-round!    Book Here Now  So, what is chimney sweeping?  A chimney sweep will remove all creosote (an oily chemical substance) build-up from inside the chimney. Creosote causes a number […]

Fireplace Installation: What You Should Know  

So, you’ve chosen an elegant woodburning fireplace to add warmth and character to your home. What should you expect from the installation process? Do you have the right kind of professional to complete your installation? You might also want to learn about what kind of maintenance your fireplace will need after it’s installed. Here’s what […]

How to Turn on Your Gas Fireplace

  Many people turn off their gas fireplaces in the summer months to conserve natural gas or propane but often need a reminder on how to light the pilot light in the fall. First, locate the fireplace controls, they are located usually behind a louver or panel at the bottom of the fireplace. Next, locate […]

Why Chimney Sweep?

While chimney sweeping has a long tradition, modern technology has made it a lot safer and more comfortable than it used to be.    For many people who have been using their traditional fireplaces consistently throughout the winter, now is the perfect time to start thinking about booking a chimney sweeping. But why is it so important to […]

A (Very Brief) History of Chimney Sweeping and Why It’s More Important than Ever

Have you ever seen Mary Poppins? Remember Bert the chimney sweep? He was a happy-go-lucky fellow perpetually covered in soot and singing “Chim Chim Cher-ee” along the rooftops with his chimney sweep friends. Hundreds of years ago, chimney sweeping was an honorable and noble service that only the wealthy could afford. Today, chimney sweeping is […]

Summer Fireplace Cleaning | Fireplace Cleaning Niagara

Most homeowners wait way too long between fireplace cleaning services. How long is too long? The National Fire Protection Association says your chimney, fireplace and vents should be inspected every single year. Book your fireplace cleaning today! So what do we look at and what do we actually do when we clean your fireplace in […]

Does My Gas Fireplace Need Spring Cleaning? How to Make Your Gas Fireplace Safe

Your gas fireplace burns much cleaner than the old wood burning fireplace. But that doesn’t mean you can forget about annual maintenance and inspections. The relatively sparse maintenance requirements are a great perk of your new gas fireplace, but relatively is the key word. It requires less maintenance than your old wood burning fireplace, but […]

What is a WETT Inspection? When do I Need a WETT Inspection?

A Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) inspection is a thorough inspection of your wood burning appliance by a certified technician. A certified technician is trained to identify local code compliance standards. This is the only way to know for sure your wood burning appliance is in good enough shape for use. An annual cleaning is […]

How Often Should I Get My Chimney Cleaned?

Chimney cleaning isn’t a cosmetic job. It’s 100% about safety. The creosote and other byproducts left after a season of warm fires are a danger many homeowners don’t acknowledge. It only takes a small amount of creosote sticking to the walls high up your chimney to start a fire you won’t even know is burning […]