Chimney Sweeping for Wood Burning Fireplaces

One of the most vital aspects of owning a wood-burning fireplace is ensuring the chimney is kept clean. Chimney sweeping is the only way to do this, and luckily, Stamford Fireplaces offers this crucial service year-round!    Book Here Now  So, what is chimney sweeping?  A chimney sweep will remove all creosote (an oily chemical substance) build-up from inside the chimney. Creosote causes a number […]

What is WETT Certified for Fireplaces?

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. The WETT Inc. organization is non-profit and provides education and training about all kinds of wood-burning products, including fireplaces.   WETT certified inspections are required by many home insurance companies, in particular, when there is a wood stove or fireplace on the property. Inspectors check to see if the wood-burning product is […]

Wood or Gas? Which Fuel Has the Advantage?

Throughout history, there have been some great debates: John vs. Paul (the Beatles) Ginger vs. Mary Ann (Gilligan’s Island) Coke vs. Pepsi (soft drinks) Of course gas and wood fireplaces here at Stamford Fireplaces are no exception. What’s more expensive to run? Which fuel burns cleaner? What’s more convenient? Which fireplace provides a greater overall […]

What Type of Fireplace is Best for You?

There are few pleasures as comforting as gathering around a warm fire on a cool day. A fireplace creates instant ambiance, adds a striking element to your home décor, and provides the perfect place for friends and family to relax. You have several choices when it comes to fireplace design. While there’s a fireplace for […]

What Does it Cost to Install a Fireplace vs Wood Stove?

A fireplace insert or wood stove is a beautiful focal point and an energy-saving investment. If you are considering installing one of these wonderful home heating accessories, there are many choices. It’s difficult to offer an accurate quote, given the factors that go into pricing out a new fireplace installation. Generally, however, accurate price ranges […]