Gas Grills vs. Charcoal Grills | Now You’re Cookin’ With Fire!

Grilling enthusiasts often debate whether gas or charcoal grills are best. There are some strengths and weaknesses to each one you should think about before you make your decision. Advantages of Charcoal Grills Charcoal grills cook hotter than gas grills, making it easier to prepare a number of foods. Many people argue that charcoal grills […]

Hot, Hot, Hot. New Mandatory Fireplace Screens!

For over a decade, Canadian pediatricians have been pushing for mandatory fireplace screens on gas-fired glass front fireplaces. Now that the government has heard and acknowledged their voices, screens are mandatory parts of any gas fireplace with a glass front. While this may seem like an inconvenience for some, it’s an important safety standard with […]

Let's Talk About Fireplace Efficiency

For many homes, especially those in rural areas, the fireplace is not only a cozy place to gather, but a much-needed aid to heating the house. Unfortunately, this benefit can be needlessly reduced if your fireplace doesn’t burn efficiently. Traditional fireplaces – the open ones where you can sit by the hearth – actually lose […]

What Type of Fireplace is Best for You?

There are few pleasures as comforting as gathering around a warm fire on a cool day. A fireplace creates instant ambiance, adds a striking element to your home décor, and provides the perfect place for friends and family to relax. You have several choices when it comes to fireplace design. While there’s a fireplace for […]

What Does it Cost to Install a Fireplace or Wood Stove?

A fireplace insert or wood stove is a beautiful focal point and an energy-saving investment. If you are considering installing one of these wonderful home heating accessories, there are many choices. It’s difficult to offer an accurate quote, given the factors that go into pricing out a new fireplace installation. Generally, however, accurate price ranges […]