5 Common Chimney and Fireplace Myths Debunked

At Stamford Fireplaces, we’ve heard it all when it comes to fireplaces and chimneys: Certain woods create more creosote than others. Chimneys which are rarely used don’t require chimney sweeping. Fireplaces actually make a room colder. Gas fireplaces are less efficient than wood fireplaces. So, for our latest blog, we play Mythbusters as we look […]

Why Now is the Right Time to Start Thinking About Buying a New Woodstove (and Ordering Firewood Too)

 It’s June. The official start of summer (Thursday, June 21) is just around the corner. The weather’s gorgeous. The sun is shining. The skies are clear. It’s also the perfect time to think about purchasing a new woodstove from Stamford Fireplaces for your home. Here’s why. Supply and demand Most people in Niagara Falls […]

A (Very Brief) History of Chimney Sweeping and Why It’s More Important than Ever

Have you ever seen Mary Poppins? Remember Bert the chimney sweep? He was a happy-go-lucky fellow perpetually covered in soot and singing “Chim Chim Cher-ee” along the rooftops with his chimney sweep friends. Hundreds of years ago, chimney sweeping was an honorable and noble service that only the wealthy could afford. Today, chimney sweeping is […]

4 Exciting Fireplace Trends for 2018

The fireplace has always been a focal point of family, comfort, and warmth. That will never change. However, there are some new design and décor trends (for both fireplaces and the rooms they’re in) that will really make them stand out. Trend 1: Wraparound corner gas fireplaces  This was a staple of luxury home décor […]

What Happens at Your FREE In-Home Estimate with Stamford Fireplaces?

You’re interested in having a gas or wood fireplace from Stamford Fireplaces installed in your home. (Good choice, by the way). Your first step should be to visit our showroom and take a look at our selection of fireplaces in person. From there, you can schedule a FREE in-home estimate and have us come to […]