After Service FAQs


Do you deliver and install?

Yes – Delivery is always available – and installation is performed by one of our licensed gas fitters. Please note that charges may apply.

Do you recommend annual cleaning?

We always recommend an annual gas fireplace cleaning. For your convenience, we offer specials and promotions at the end of each season. By doing this, we can have you ready to go for the first cold snap in the fall.

Do you offer WETT inspections?

Yes – We offer level 1 basic WETT inspections for insurance purposes. Please call for a quote and booking information.

How do I clean the glass on my fireplace?

You would use a glass cleaner specially made for fireplace glass. It is a cream designed to remove any residue without damaging the glass. Ammonia-based or regular glass cleaners are not recommended as they can damage your fireplace glass.

Will my fireplace work without hydro?

Yes. Your fireplace will work, but your blower will not.

My fireplace has a remote. I’ve changed the batteries in the remote control and my fireplace will not turn on. What can I do?

it’s important to remember that a fireplace with a remote control also has a receiver which holds batteries. Try changing the batteries in the remote control and the receiver. This should solve your problem. If it is still not working, please call us so we can setup a service call for you.

Should I turn my pilot light off in the summer?

Yes. If you don’t, it will waste energy and generate heat, which will make your air conditioner run longer.